Promoting a conservation ethic in people of all ages is central to our mission of Conservation in Action. Audubon Canyon Ranch offers exploration and learning opportunities for nature enthusiasts of all ages on three of its preserves: the Martin Griffin Preserve, the Bouverie Preserve and the Modini Mayacamas Preserves.

Join us on the preserves to explore seasonal changes, observe nesting birds and migrating newts, learn about native peoples' use of the land, hike past wildflower meadows and through redwood groves. Visitation is limited on all three preserves in order to ensure that human impact is kept in balance with land and habitat preservation goals.

Nature connections for all ages

Choose from self-guided preserve visits, expert-led walks and hikes for all ages, or join us for in-depth, on-going naturalist training available to volunteers.

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  • Wyn Hoag